Internet Base Business

enche Sdn Bhd, an associate of NM13 was established by the founder whom is also an entrepreneur as a new venture in digitalized economy spectrum through creation of an eCommerce platform that strives in uplifting SME products globally. enche is a marketplace portal designed to allow corporate business (B2B), consumer marketplace (B2C), online affiliate as well as offline entrepreneurship (enchepreneur) being carried out through single platform. In short, we simultaneously endeavour in upraising enormous number of SME products internationally and providing the one stop digital shopping centre for global audience. enche, through partnership also involves in other ventures of Information Technology whereas we are opened for new opportunities to deliver our potential.

Renewable/Green Energy

NM13 is passionate in supporting commercial sustainability through renewable energies such as Bioenergy, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Hydrogen, Ocean, Solar and Wind. However, we currently focusing at solar energy for its potential here and we aspire the consistent development of this opportunity. Our dedicated and expertise partners will take up specific subcontract works through joint ventures.

We endeavour in safeguarding the community as well as our planet since they engender products and profits. This is achievable through the 8 sustainable business practises which are reducing waste, preventing pollution, adopting clean energy, water conservation, utilization of sustainable materials, greening the planet, sustainable product and sowing seeds for the future.

NM13 also acts as a holding investment company. We are optimistic to participate in offered opportunities, besides working together with our partners in the range of internet based as well as renewable energy businesses. To achieve our goal in these two areas, we welcome proposal from home or international parties whom are interested and believe in fundamental networking along with extraction of news on attainable business possibilities.