Information Technology

Making IT facilities accessible for possibly largest number of people is another of our primary concerns. We are specialising on the distribution of a wide range of online educational products to the most current IT Systems and (specialised) Solutions in the fields of Meteorology (Weather Forecasting System), Geospatial (Survey & Mapping), Environmental Monitoring System, Tactical Decision Aides System, etc., from internationally renowned suppliers.


NM13 looks towards providing solutions for clients that are safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and of high quality in the fields of renewable energy and water. We work alongside our partners to supply state of the art technologies and maintenance support to ensure the projects we implement will continue to operate efficiently in the long-term. Some of the works that were carried out were solar hybrid and water projects, for example water treatment, clean water supply, construction of drainage and irrigation system, specifically for rural areas –which falls under our Solar System Integration and Tubewell Solutions, respectively.

Under our portfolio amongst other, is the latest recycling technology known as the M-Recycle Machine, which is a Sub-Critical Water Reactor based system that is widely regarded as one of the next generation type of recycling technologies to solve diverse issues like time, space, energy, sanitation and safety among others. 
Sub-Critical Water Reactor was developed in order to minimise the environmental impact, the cost and energy requirements to establish a recycle-based sustainable society.

Defence & Security

NM13’s initial involvement in this industry is as a contractor to supply aircraft parts for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). We look forward to forge further efforts to provide latest equipment, innovative solutions and meet other needs in this specialised field with potential clients in this Industry specifically to all uniformed forces related to Defence & Security of the country.