Despite our establishment in 1994, NM13 Sdn Bhd [NM13] diversified it’s business venture as illustrated here beginning from 2016. NM13 is a 100% Bumiputera registered company with diverse business interest, amongst others in the Internet Base Business and Renewable Energy sectors. Since our emergence, we have been engaged in the supply of products and services to the Government and Private Institutions/Agencies whilst being actively involved in projects within the same fields.

As a corporate entity and an investment holding company, we are proud to be supported by committed team of professionals, led by accredited individuals from specialised fields/background and collaborated with some of the world’s renowned companies as strategic allies to achieve our aspirations, vision and mission. Our company focuses on empowering entrepreneurship, fuelling strategic corporate aspirations and prides ourselves in the reformation on the concept of wholesome technology.

We are resilient in reshaping, restructuring and continuously adapting our business portfolios according to the future potential opportunities.


We envisioned ourselves in providing quality products and services that offered up to the level of globally competitiveness and acceptance.

We see our future in generating sustainable investments incomes not solely for the benefit of our stakeholders, but for the betterment of our community as a whole.

Creation of long-term client partnerships through consistent delivery of excellent and cost effective products and services coupled with uncompromised custom-oriented service is part and parcel of our vision.


Our mission is to enrich the provision of state-of-the-art technologies and solutions and strive to form trustworthy, reliable and mutually beneficial alliances with reputable multinational partners.

Business Objective

To provide our clients with highly competitive and upmarket quality products and services.

To pursue our business goals through maintaining a strong management team, which is capable of delivering sustainable growth and continuous return on investments.

To consistently be innovative and effective in all our business undertakings.

Future Directions

New Ventures: Further exploration towards creating new venture opportunities such as the development of Internet based and/or Renewable Energy based businesses through NM13 or its associate companies.

CSR Initiative: Besides focusing on Economic profit, we will steer our Company towards the contribution on the welfare of our society. We will undertake the activity principally and/or in partnership to discharge our CSR initiatives given our objectives on acquaintances of the CSR projects. Our collaboration with any relevant body, institutions or agencies is to tap on their familiarity and knowledge of the norms and guidelines in CSR projects.

Targeted Relationships: One of our strongest convictions at NM13 is a belief in ultimate importance of building up firm external alliances. Our current activities aimed at establishing and developing mutually beneficial relationships that creates valuable ideas and realise the full potentials of mutual cooperation in short and long term perspective.

Strategic Enablers

Established Network: Owing to our well-established network capital, we were able to successfully build up mutually beneficial strategic business relationships with our Principals, and the overall clientele across private and public sectors.

Leadership & Culture: We believe in strong leadership and team spirit whereby everyone is highly inspired and sincerely dedicated to fully realise his/her potentials in order to deliver sustainable growth to the company.

Commitment & Experience: Our highly dedicated and committed work team consists of qualified and well-trained professionals with extensive working experience, which enables them to deliver required results and to achieve assigned business goals and objectives on time and on budget.